Lefkas Music Week was established in 2006 and it already counts fifteen years of successful masterclasses on violin, viola, cello, singing, piano, conducting, chamber music and orchestra. It takes place every July in the magnificent island of Lefkas.

In 2022 Masterclasses will happen between 11-18 of July and will be on voice, violin, viola, cello, piano and chamber music. Highly acclaimed artists will teach. All participants throughout the course will receive individual instrumental tuition from their tutor, at least 4 lessons. Students are encouraged as well to attend as many classes as possible given by tutors other than their own. We place also particular emphasis on musicianship and chamber skills and for that reason students also participate in chamber music ensembles. Chamber music players are put together according to their level as soon as the applications are completed. A piano accompanist is provided for the private lessons. Private lessons usually take place until midday and at the afternoon follow chamber music lessons.

The singing course will include two daily sessions: Session 1 will focus on voice lessons in a master class type of setting where students will work on vocal technique, language and interpretation. Don Marrazzo is committed to and passionate about helping singers acquire a vocal technique that will enable them to express their highest and most authentic level of artistry. As a strong advocate of fact-based voice pedagogy, Mr. Marrazzo’s teaching is rooted in anatomy and physiology, which allows a singer to fully understand and have ownership of their technique. As a result of collaborative work on vocal technique, musicianship, style, and repertoire, singers working with Mr. Marrazzo will discover their unique vocal and artistic potential.
Applicants should please send links to video and/or audio recordings of them performing two (2) contrasting selections in Italian, French, German, Greek, Spanish, and/or English. Art songs, operatic and/or oratorio arias from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and/or 20th century periods are all considered acceptable options for recorded submissions.

The masterclass of Chareiklia Glavopoulou starting with exercises for proper posture and the use of breathing in vocal techniqjue, will focus on applying these basic principles to a repertoire based on the level of each sudent, beginner or advanced.

Session 2 will focus on presentation of arias, duets, and chamber music, under the guidance of Nicolas Vassiliou.

Performance opportunities within the courses include performance classes, and two concerts on the 16th and on the 17th of July.

Students will arrive on the 11th of July at any time. All students depart on the 18th of July.